Free Really Clean Hand Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser with every purchase


We've been asking ourselves the questions about why we needed to start another cosmetics brand. 

There is no lack of highly specialized beauty and cosmetics brand out there and so many of them whom we love and look up to. However, when we were looking for a brand that is clean for our skin, sustainable for the environment, and friendly to our wallets - we didn't find one. So we sent out to build one.

The intention for Solos was first and foremost the ease of use! We wanted it to be:

  1. Easy to shop
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Easy to use
  4. Easy to carry around

Cosmetics, we feel, has also been highly dramatized. Drawing so many lines in the sand and building imaginary walls. Brands catering to very specific demographics, whether the products are highly professional runway level makeup, crazy glam makeup, or bare minimum natural makeup. 

It made us feel that you have to check certain boxes to buy certain brands. We hated that. Makeup could be so much simpler and so much more inclusive. 

To us, it doesn’t matter if you have porcelain white skin or a sun-kissed tan, if you like a natural look or want to go full-on glam, it doesn’t matter if you a girl playing with shades, or a woman who owns her body, a boy experimenting with makeup, or a man who wants to accentuate your looks. Solos is made for all of us. And that is what we set out to do.