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We were tired of having to choose between sustainability and performance; as if they were mutually exclusive.

Our goal is to change that.

We stripped away everything we wouldn't put on our faces and worked on delivering high performance products without having to sacrifice anything.

We try as much as possible to stay away from the scary internet ingredient hit-lists, excluding everything that has a bad rep. However, we obviously don’t agree with everything that’s out there… and here are some examples.



100% Natural, always.

Natural is a a fuzzy term and largely unregulated, most skin care products are about 80% water and water is natural. *gasp* Natural doesn't necessarily mean organic, clean, free of animal testing, or even functional. There is also no scientific evidence to suggest that a 'natural' product is better than one produced synthetically. Nor is there any guarantee it is better for the environment.

What we focus on instead is getting you clean and cruelty free products that do not harm our environment.


Die, synthetic, die?

In many cases, synthetic fragrances and dyes are actually more sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example with fragrances, it takes 200 to 250 pounds of lavender to make 1 pound of lavender oil and 10,000 pounds of rose blossoms to make 1 pound of rose oil.

As it is with natural dye, it requires much more raw material and is often mixing with other chemicals in order to create the same hue as lab-made colors. (Chemical is not a bad word. We must remember that everything around us is made of chemicals, humans too.)

The synthetic pigments we use are usually chemically identical to its natural form but is produced artificially rather than procuring it from nature. We, of course, make sure that they are gentle on our skin and friendly to mother earth.


Death to silicone?

Silicone, though not biodegradable, isn’t all bad for our world. And the reason why is because Silicone is a big umbrella name for a whole lot of ingredients. Some silicones such as Siloxane D4 may be harmful to our environment and its biological diversity - those are the ones we avoid. 

But there are silicones that are not harmful and do not clog up your pores, and they help when you're gliding on your liquid lipstick. Those are the ones that we use! 

Paper is always better than Plastic?

This goes back to the common notion that natural is always better. However, we tend to forget that paper comes from trees and white paper is often highly bleached in order to achieve that color. We use semi-recycled plastic in our packaging, we offer suggestions to recycle the plastic and we recycle anything you send back to us.


Avoid palm oil at all cost!

The palm oil industry has been a huge detriment to wildlife and nature, however, the reason why palm oil is so widely used (other than the fact that it's cheap to farm) is because of the stability of the oil. Keeping this in mind, we sourced from partners that work with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) for our products.