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We want to be as sustainable as we can, however, we are also honest with ourselves that there are lots of steps that needs to be taken before we can achieve true sustainability. We try our best to do what we can.

If we could create a product that has zero environmental impacts and biodegrades when it passes its useful lifetime, we would. That’s our dream, and we will get there. Eventually.

Meanwhile, here’s what we do.


What does this mean and how do we ensure this?

Here’s how it breaks down in our chain of manufacturing.

Brand: Solos Cosmetics personally does not do any animal testing, nor do we outsource, contract, or endorse any animal testing in our name or on our behalf. We don’t sell to China, and will not until they’ve changed their regulations.

Factory: The factory that manufactures our beautiful products are also completely onboard with being cruelty free. They do not conduct, outsource, contract or endorse any animal testing in their name or on their behalf.

R&D Partners: (Here’s a secret, we don’t invent everything we sell!) Our partners who sit in a lab somewhere on our beautiful planet, who research and experiment, test and try out new formulas, they too are fur baby friendly. Our formulas have never been tested on animals.

Raw Material: This is where things get fuzzy. Currently, our suppliers who sends us the ingredients to make all of our goodies doesn’t conduct, outsource, contract or endorse animal testing.

They feel this way now, but that wasn’t always true. A little less than a decade ago, animal testing was the norm, the raw materials were once tested on an unfortunate little fur baby somewhere. As of 11 March 2009, they have stopped practicing this inhumane act, many thanks to the EU’s ban on animal testing.

However, that does not undo the mistakes this industry have caused. For that, we apologize, as entrepreneurs, as cosmetic users, and as children that grew up admiring this industry.